Dappled Sunlight on August Woodpile


Woodpile photo by Howie Lisnoff.


Dappled Sunlight On August Woodpile

Wood stacked for fall and winter, perhaps a cold spring… catches the warm dappled afternoon sun and south wind… It is early August… Too soon to contemplate the pain and inevitability of leave-taking.


Par 4 Near the Killing Fields


Rainy scene from a Vietnamese restaurant on Madison Avenue, Albany, NY. Photo by Howie Lisnoff.


Par 4 Near the Killing Fields

Rain pools and flows into east rivers down Madison Avenue in Albany after so many weeks of crackling blue skies and heat. From the window of the Vietnamese restaurant, forty-one years past the mayhem and murder of Southeast Asian children and crimes of grotesque war… They murdered kids at Kent and Jackson, too… They are still killing for power and glory and wealth and God, the kids of Africa and the Middle East and the places between… It does not end… A classic piano solo plays in ever-rising beauty against the gray day as an answer to the madness… It does not work… The sons of bitches have turned this planet into a battlefield for the hell of it. Retirees are golfing near the killing fields.

Chatting Amicably

UnknownPhoto by flyhighhg.com.

Chatting Amicably

Eddie and I drove out of the morning mist of the August Catskills

The Quickway to the turnpike and Long Island

A rainbow swarm of hang gliders filled the robin’s egg cloudless sky

Diving fearlessly among the high peaks

The powerful Buick left behind Swan Lake in its wake

Gliding smoothly toward the great city

The fighter pilot and war resister chatting amicably

As the summer heat grew with the morning.

Bruce and I on Motorcycles

Bruce and I on Motorcycles

In past years, Bruce and I rode down the spine of the summer Berkshire Hills from Pittsfield on Route 41 toward Great Barrington, wind flowing effortlessly over our handlebars and helmets, roaring engines’ sound behind us and the gently undulating mountains to our east in pine and spruce and juniper and maple and beech and oak, passing by in great waves of sensual delight.