Transitory Beauty

UnknownPublic domain photo

Transitory Beauty

In a forgotten corner of

An abandoned country cemetery

Stones neglected but for ancient mildew

The blood red supermoon eclipse

Left near total darkness among forgotten souls


Unparalleled beauty of celestial alignment

Needs a mind alive with wonder

And the platform of a brief moment

Everything is emptying

Transitory beauty held only on a Grecian urn.


Fall Approaches

P1020048Garden photo by Howie Lisnoff

Fall Approaches

Awakened near the equinox

Orion, slayer of summer breeze, risen large against the velvet black of the universe

Framed in an eastern window

The morning beckoned with cool air

And brilliant sunlight

The garden in decline.

September Station

P1020045Route 41 South, Sheffield, MA. Photo by Howie Lisnoff

September Station

September’s country lanes

Had filled with goldenrod and Queen Anne’s lace

Down through the Berkshires and Taconics

To Wassaic Station.


There is something that fits a train station in September

You can see both ways

Back into the comfort of summer

And ahead to the promise of cool fall

It is like the reunion and the leave-taking

Illuminated by giant Cyclops’ light of diesel engines

A metaphor for the eternal emptying of life.