P1010584Photo by Howie Lisnoff. Looking south into the Berkshire Hills



The Berkshire Hills were close as spring matured onto its heights in warm crystalline blue skies and lime/chartreuse leaf and deeply brown and newly plowed and sown fields coming down through Egremont into Alford and West Stockbridge riding the renewal of the planet with this season.


May New Again

P1020022 Mountain Meadow, Spring, Olana, Hudson, NY. Photo by Howie Lisnoff.


May New Again

The days of cold rain

Departed on strong winds west

Left sky crystalline

And cloud

It was May again

Above the killing fields

The ancient and forgotten weathered country graves.


It will all circle again back

Lovers in meadows green

Near sounding shore

It will be as though none of this has happened.


There will be other skies

And wind

New sea and meadow field

And they will think

Of these

As new.


Children turning cartwheels


The ageless sun

And it will all seem new again.


And star leaden skies


And cricket chorus.


And wildflower rainbow fields.

A Poem For May

I wrote this poem on May Day while traveling south on routes 7 and 63 in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut.


A Poem for May

The fog and rain and clouds swept in across the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut

They trailed along the peaks… in ghostlike swirls

And tucked themselves away in spirit mists

On mountain faces and above marshlands.


It was May… trees late in red/budding

Though meadow grass/green emerald.


It is on a day like this

Perhaps like first day of new Earth

That everything is close and nothing

Was ever lost to time, or ever will be

And everything is possible.