Street Scene/Greenwich Village





Photo of Judson Tower, Washington Square Park by Howie Lisnoff.


Street Scene/Greenwich Village

You burst with unbridled confidence and unadorned beauty

Onto the 60s’ scene of Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park

Coming from work on Wall Street

To the heart of the counterculture

It was summer

You wore a white dress with a floating multicolored balloon motif

Everything was in motion

Your hair catching in radiance the shimmering sun near Judson Tower

This was your summer of the Russian novel

It could have been Anna Karenina or War and Peace or Crime and Punishment

Long, plodding works of much illumination

Did all of this happen in a single, fleeting moment in time?

Was there great hope and change?

Did we have such impeccable ideals?

And unbounded caring?


Emptying/An Ancient Lesson




Public domain photo

An Ancient Lesson

All is impermanent… emptying… transient… the hevel of Ecclesiastes

Beauty of an April day… youth… ideals… attachment to someone, something, or place

You cannot escape

Live with love… with meaning and dignity

Koheleth knew this in forgotten days

Take this certainty along.